Barista Kit

From tampers to milk jugs, temperature probes to shot glasses, we have every piece of kit a barista could possibly dream of… and if we don’t have it we’ll try our best find it for you!

With far too much kit to list, please contact the Wicked Coffee office on 0330 1003 680 to find what you’re looking for.

Equipment in this section

Cleaning Powder

For use during the cleaning process for traditional espresso machines.

Machine Wipes

Quick cleaning disposable wipes for steam wand and general wipe down of traditional espresso machines.

Rubber Blanking Disk

Ideal for use during the cleaning process for traditional espresso machines.

Wooden Tamper

High quality, heavy coffee tamper.

Knock Out Box

To be situated under your grinder, includes knockout bar within pull out drawer.

Metal Spatula

Used to aid in milk texturising and latte art.

Shot Glass

High quality espresso shot glass lined to 30ml.

Stencil (Various Available)

To use as a stencil to create images on top of hot beverages with chocolate or spice powders.

Thermometer and Clip

Useful to monitor the temperature of your milk during the texturising process.

Mini Whisk

Used to ensure various beverage ingredients are well combined and small enough to fit in most drinking vessels.

Tamping Mat

Helps to protect work surfaces when tamping coffee in the group handle.

Frothing Jug

To texturise milk for various hot beverages.

Chocolate Shaker

Great for topping various hot beverages with optional chocolate or spice powder.

Cleaning Brush

For group head cleaning on traditional espresso machines.

Clicker Tamp

The clicker tamp helps baristas apply the correct amount of pressure to the ground coffee by ‘clicking’ when the coffee is correctly compressed.

The products shown on this web site represent a small selection of a much wider range available.  If you are interested in finding out more about our full range, please contact us to request a full product and price list.