We work in partnership with trusted suppliers such as Bravilor. These machines are simple and very effective to support café trade, hotels, conferencing facilities and events. Choose from manual fill decanter systems or plumbed in bulk brew options capable of producing large quantities of fresh filter coffee within minutes.

Equipment in this section

Bravilor B10 HW

Round filtering machine with separate hot water tap for locations with water connection. Brews large quantities of coffee into separate containers. Equipped with digital display, total and day counters, descale system, coffee-is-ready signal, built-in timer and optimum security provisions. Including container(s) type VHG, filter unit(s) and drip tray. Model with 1 brewing system with separate hot water tap and 2 containers of 10 litres. Features:
  • Quickly brews large quantities of fresh filter coffee
  • Robust and high-quality appearance with stainless steel housing
  • Equipped with 'coffee is ready' signal, total and day counters and built-in timer
  • Descale system and optimum security provisions
  • Coffee of a consistent quality; the containers monitor the quality of the coffee
Bravilor B Series Brochure

Bravilor Aurora Single High

The Aurora Single High (Aurora 5.7 SGH) brews filter coffee directly into a portable dispenser of 5.7 litres.The touchscreen is easy to use, especially when you use the pre-set programmes: mild, regular and dark roast. However, the Aurora units allow professionals to optimise every setting of the brewing process such as water temperature, coffee-water ratio, pre-wet and brewing time. If you want to create homemade blends or if you serve single-origin coffees, this feature might be of particular interest. Additionally you can use the water bypass. Features:
  • Brews 5.7 litres in less than 15 minutes.
  • Spray head brings out the best aromatic flavours.
  • Brews coffee in four volumes: 1.9, 2.2, 3.8 and 5.7 litres.
  • RFID cards make it easy to exchange settings between the Aurora units.
  • Registers day and cumulative counter data.
  • Meets high quality SCAE Gold Cup Standard for filter coffee.
  • The 2.2l Airpot Furento fits under the hot water tap.
Bravilor Aurora Brochure

Bravilor Bonamat Quick Filter

Fresh filter coffee, professionally brewed with the quick filter machines of Bravilor Bonamat! The range includes various machines and allows for quickly and simply making delicious coffee at any location, with or without connection to the water mains. High-quality stainless steel combined with black accents give the machine a modern look.   View Product Brochure

Bravilor Bonamat Freshbrew

Freshly ground coffee beans are the basis of delicious filter coffee. We at Bravilor Bonamat have ensured that the equipment is simple to use and to maintain. The Fresh brew series is a professional eye catcher thanks to its sleek design and backlight effects. View Product Brochure

The products shown on this website represent a small selection of a much wider range available.  If you are interested in finding out more about our full range, please contact us to request a full product and price list.