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Earl-Grey-50-LifestyleFor those of you that prefer a larger tea leaf, but still with the benefit of being in a handy bag we are also able to offer a premium selection of Fuso biodegradable pyramid tea bags from The London Tea Company.

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Ordering for the first time?

If you’re ordering for the first time or adding to your range from The London Tea Company, don’t forget to More…

add display jars to your order. There are also bamboo tongs, window stickers and other POS materials. Just ask about these lines when placing your order.

Mixed Cases

We also offer you the option of ordering mixed cases of any three bulk bags of 50 pyramid tea bags More…

from The London Tea Company. When ordering please state which three blends you require.

1 case – 3 bulk bags of 50 Pyramid Tea Bags


Raspberry, Ginger & Vanilla

Fairtrade Hibiscus gives this infusion its bright red colour and a light acidity which complements the naturally sweet raspberry, to More…

which we have added warming ginger and creamy vanilla.

1 case – 3 bulk bags of 50 Pyramid Tea Bags


Lemongrass, Ginger & Citrus Fruit

Zesty Fairtrade lemongrass has been blended with zingy Fairtrade ginger and the peels of grapefruit, oranges and lemons to create More…

this uplifting infusion.

1 case – 3 bulk bags of 50 Pyramid Tea Bags



Our Fairtrade Rooibos is grown in the Cederberg Mountains in South Africa’s Western Cape. It has a unique sweet, slightly More…

tannic character and deep russet colour which makes it an excellent naturally caffeine free alternative to tea as it takes milk well.

1 case – 3 bulk bags of 50 Pyramid Tea Bags



Our Fairtrade camomile is made from the specially selected pollen heads of the camomile flower which give this infusion its More…

light bright appearance and a buttery floral character.

1 case – 3 bulk bags of 50 Pyramid Tea Bags


Moroccan Mint

Inspired by the syrupy mint brew served by the traders in the souks of Marrakech, this tea is a blend More…

of fine Chinese Fairtrade green gunpowder (so called because it looks like lead shot!) and pure Fairtrade peppermint leaves.

1 case – 3 bulk bags of 50 Pyramid Tea Bags


Jasmine Green Tea

A specially selected Fairtrade Chinese green tea is layered with fresh jasmine flowers which impart their delicate aroma into the More…

tea. The jasmine flowers are then removed from the tea leaving a light green tea with an exceptional floral flavour.

1 case – 3 bulk bags of 50 Pyramid Tea Bags


Earl Grey

A blend of bright and aromatic teas, from Sri Lanka and the Nilgiris in South India. To this blend we More…

have added bergamot oil and natural orange and lemon peel to give the blend a refreshing citrus aroma.

1 case – 3 bulk bags of 50 Pyramid Tea Bag


London Breakfast

The base for this rich and flavoursome Fairtrade Breakfast blend is a specially processed leaf tea from the highlands to More…

the west of the Rift Valley in Kenya. To this we have added another lively Kenyan tea; a thick, malty second flush Assam; and a juicy Ceylon.

1 case – 3 bulk bags of 50 Pyramid Tea Bags