The Wicked Coffee Company One Day Barista Skills Course


The Wicked Coffee Company Barista Skills Course is a one day course. Upon completion and successful assessment you will be awarded with a Wicked Coffee Certificate.

The one day course will include the following:

Learning Outcomes

Following attendance at the course, delegates should come away with knowledge and expertise in the following disciplines.

Product Knowledge

  • Outline characteristics of the product to customers.
  • Handle and store products and ingredients correctly and safely.
  • Describe the origin and flavour of products and ingredients.
  • Describe the processes involved in bringing the products to the market.


  • Check and clean equipment before and after use.
  • Describe the checks required for each piece of equipment, including the frequency.
  • Explain how common faults might occur with each piece of equipment.
  • State the importance of leaving areas clean, tidy and safe.

Drink Building Techniques

  • Calibrate pieces of equipment as necessary.
  • Operate pieces of equipment to produce the drink required.
  • Check drink meets quality standards and correct as necessary.
  • List the drinking vessels and ancillaries required for drinks.

Serving Customers

  • Serve customers in an efficient manner.
  • Ensure service is completed appropriately and satisfactorily.
  • Explain the consequences of poor customer service.

Booking and Reservation

If you are interested in reserving a place on one of our training courses, please contact the office using the details below.

Phone 0330 100 3680


You will be sent a booking form to complete and return. Upon receipt your training course will be reserved and confirmed.